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Class of 2006
Distinguished Service Cross
Llewellyn M. Chilson* TSgt Army Montgomery County World War II
Richard A. Kersting* 2LT Army Putnam County World War II
Howard E. Weaver PVT Army Ashland County World War II
Silver Star
Harlan C. Beam CPL Army Adams County World War II
Johnny K. Berry* Sgt Marines Adams County Vietnam
Norman M. Kilbarger* SGT Army Fairfield County Korea
Leland C. McFarren SSG Army Stark County World War II
Jeffrey R. Scharver* 1st Lt. Marines Stark County Grenada
Donald H. Sloan CPT Army Jefferson County Vietnam
Bronze Star with "V" Device
Joseph R. Brandt, Jr SSG Army Fairfield County Vietnam
John E. Cleckner CPT Army Trumbull County Vietnam
Theodore E. George PFC Army Medina County Korea
Carl J. Gulas SPC Army Cuyahoga County Vietnam
Teddy W. Keller SPC Army Fairfield County Vietnam
Leo J. Schlotterer PFC Army Huron County Vietnam
Chester M. Sharpe PVT Army Montgomery County World War II
Daniel T. Weist 1LT Army Cuyahoga County Vietnam
Air Medal with "V" Device
Howard S. Daugherty SP5 Army Clermont County Vietnam
Robert A. Holzbacher PFC Army Franklin County Vietnam
Ar Com Medal with "V" Device
Robert A. Brown SPC Army Marion County Vietnam
James G. Shannon SPC Army Stark County Vietnam
* Posthumous Award of the Ohio Medal of Valor.

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