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Class of 2010
Photos of the ceremony
Air Force Cross
John A. Firse Capt. Air Force Cuyahoga County Vietnam
Distinguished Service Cross
Kenneth J. David PFC Army Trumbull County Vietnam
Navy Cross
Richard L. Powell * HM Navy Mahoning County Vietnam
Silver Star
Steve Christoff * SGT Army Lucas County World War II
Melvin F. Durfey CPL Army Lucas County World War II
Darrell Holbrook SSG Army Warren County Vietnam
Herbert A. Jester PFC Marines Adams County Vietnam
Paul A. Kari Maj. Air Force Clinton County Vietnam
Harry P. Ludwig * 1LT Army Summit County Vietnam
James K. Redding 1LT Army Scioto County Vietnam
Roger P. Stultz PFC Army Brown County Korea
Donald F. Wehrman SGT Army Shelby County Korea
Distinguished Flying Cross
James H. Brahney * Capt. Air Force Mahoning County Vietnam
Clarence W. Sheward Capt Air Force Jackson County Vietnam
Bronze Star with "V" Device
Daniel W. Lingle * PFC Army Guernsey County Vietnam
John C. McDonald SPC Army Clermont County Vietnam
Shawn M. Sears SPC Army Summit County Iraq
ARCOM Medal with "V" Device
Marvin Collins SPC Army Montgomery County Vietnam
Jared F. Smith SPC Army Richland County Iraq
AFCOM Medal with "V" Device
Ronald W. Neldon SSgt Air Force Medina County Persian Gulf War

* Posthumous Award of the Ohio Medal of Valor.
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