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On occasion we receive feedback from the public regarding our ceremonies, Web site and the events we sponsor. If you wish to share feedback about the Ohio Military Hall of Fame, then please Contact Us.

Here are some of the many comments we've received...

"I am sending you this e-mail because I just attended the 8th Annual Induction Ceremony over at Veterans Plaza at the Ohio State House. I want to tell you what a spectacular event this was!! My sisters and I attended because we wanted to see what it was going to be like on May 2, 2008, when our uncle, Lawrence W. Skaggs, will be inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor. We were so impressed!! The ceremony is very distinguished and so emotional. You have put something together there that makes it very hard to put into words how much it means to people.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 2, 2008!!"
Tammy Edwards

"To everyone that made the 2004 ceremony a day I will never forget, I thank you. I will be at every induction ceremony in the future. Thanks again."
Gary Rood 2004 inductee

"Greetings! I am writing on behalf of my cousin, Mike Krieger, and my aunt, Mrs. Patti Jean Sprecher. My uncle, Kenneth Ned Sprecher, received the Medal of Valor at the Ohio Military Hall of Fame ceremony last Friday, May 7.

My aunt, mom, cousins and I attended Friday's ceremony. My uncle is deceased, so my cousin Mike accepted the medal. It was a wonderful ceremony and very moving. It was a beautiful setting, and we especially enjoyed the songs sung by Detective Randy Snider.

Thanks very much!"
Bobbi Marschall- Niece of Kenneth Ned Sprecher

"I was very impressed! What a marvelous ceremony!! I was humbled in the presence of those who've distinguished themselves "above and beyond!!" I've wanted to make this trip for the past five years, but always had other comittments."

"My father George P. Terhanko was inducted to the Hall of Fame on May 6. I want to express to you how impressed we were of the Ceremony. I wish we could have stayed longer but the 3 hour ride each way was taking a toll on Dad. I want to thank you for accepting my Father’s application and inducting him this year. I plan on attending the induction ceremonies in the future in honor of the future inductees."
Rick Terhanko

"I was able to find and read your paragraph on the recent induction of veterans into the military hall. I hope you will take the time to read the stories of these courageous people who gave so much so we can have liberties we enjoy today. I was appalled that the press did not cover this more in a positive light and take pride in the contributions of these veterans. We were very proud of the state of Ohio and those volunteers who organized and performed the ceremony. In these times of making heroes of sports players who get arrested for various offenses,we forget about our military troops past and present.If not for these brave men and women we could not enjoy the luxuries we have today.The stories that were read at that ceremony on May 6th were something out of an action movie,but this was real life. Amazing things are done by ordinary people in extraordinary situations. We are proud to be from Ohio and to have our family member inducted and proud of those other inductees.We are thankful that they did what they did.It is too bad some of them,including our father did not live to see the day. It is also too bad that we forget to learn from others' experiences and make real heroes out of those deserving of more and got less. Thank you for your time."
Connie Wolfe

"I am sending this note on behalf of family of Virgil F. Anderson, recent inductee.We had a wonderful time and were so proud of all of the veterans.It made us so proud to be Ohioans even though we call Florida home now.

The ceremony was absolutely a great event and you should be proud to recognize deserving individuals and to keep the military presence in the fore front.My husband is retired Navy veteran and stated he had never seen such a wonderful tribute such as the one you provided.

We spoke to several people and some of the veterans themselves and they were all speechless.

Thank you for honoring our father and all the other wonderful veterans.He was one who,at times was ashamed and never called attention to what he did."A job and it had to get done".We are proud of him and his accomplishments as well as the other veterans who were honored.It is so sad that we do not learn from our heritage and from others who have been through the trauma of war.

Again, thank you for a job well done. We wish all of you fair winds and following seas in your endeavors and hope to come up again for this wonderful tribute.We hope the media will pay more attention to such a positive event.

Have a good day."
Mike and Connie Wolfe

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for my induction into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame. The ceremony was very moving. I will cherish that day in Columbus.

Again, thank you for the honor and what it means to me.

Marvin (Jim) Lundgard

"Dear Mr. Mosure,

Wow! What an impressive display of Patriotism. I am so proud my dad is among the ones honored. It would not be so but for you.

I am so grateful to you for reaching out to me, and shepherding our application through.

Thank you,"
Gary Shadduck Jr.


Please accept my apology for taking so long to send sincere thanks for the acceptance of my late husband, William Vaughan, into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor. I was honored to be there for the impressive ceremony and to receive the award on behalf of my husband. The reception was second to none!!!

Please accept my contribution of $100.00 to the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor.

Mrs. William Vaughan

"Thank you, Bill for all the work you've done honoring all these men and women. Well deserved and long over due in most cases.

Again, thank you."
The DeHarts

"Dear Mr. Mosure,

I was inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor on 2 May 2014. I'm sorry it has taken this long to send this thank you. 2 May was one of the best days of my life."
Denny Tomcik

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