2023 // Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device

Sergeant George O. Boyette IV
George O. Boyette

As a member of the 705th Transportation Company, 7th Corps Support Group, SGT. George Boyette served as the M-249 gunner in the lead vehicle of all 1st Platoon convoys. On October 14, 2003, approximately 5 kilometers outside of Fallujah, an improvised explosive device was detonated in the path of SGT Boyett’s convoy. The smoke and open flames covered the highway and visibility did not extend past the site of detonation. Simultaneously with the blast, the convoy received an immediate barrage of small arms fire in and around the area of the IED. There were 10-12 enemy combatants in the area and all were directing fire at the convoy and, in particular, the lead vehicle. Despite the fact that he was standing in the back of the vehicle that drove through the kill zone first, SGT Boyette immediately returned voluminous and deadly fire. With no regard for his own safety, SGT Boyette engaged multiple targets while identifying more. SGT Boyette’s fire helped to force the closest enemy personnel from their positions, thereby exposing them to fire from the convoy and rendering the enemy fire ineffective. His awareness of the battlefield provided the convoy commander with information that was provided to the rear element of the convoy and allowed them to continue to engage the enemy and protect the convoy. His efforts ensured that the convoy successfully cleared this initial ambush site with no casualties.