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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Staff Sergeant Charles W. Lamie Class of 2014

Medal of Honor

United States Army

Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device

Staff Sergeant Charles W. Lamie (then Sergeant), Infantry, Company C, 101st Infantry, United States Army. For heroic achievement in connection with military operations against an armed enemy near Moyenvic, France, on 12 November 1944. During the offensive operations against the enemy, on 12 November 1944, Sergeant Lamie, a Company C rifleman, and a comrade aided their company in capturing sixty one enemy prisoners while seizing and securing a strategically important hill in the vicinity of Moyenvic. On duty in a position well ahead of the company’s lines, Sergeant Lamie and a comrade were the first to observe an enemy counterattack which developed early the next morning. The two men immediately subjected the approaching hostile forces to intense fire, slowing the advance. Sergeant Lamie and his comrade, with complete disregard for their safety, while under continuous and direct hostile fire, remained in their position in three feet of water for a period of four hours firing continuously at the foe. At one point during the fierce engagement, two enemy soldiers approached to within fifteen feet of their position before they were killed. Sergeant Lamie’s heroic action in the face of overwhelming odds aided materially in repulsing the enemy counterattack with heavy losses to the foe. His courage under fire, initiative and unusual devotion to duty reflect the highest credit upon Sergeant Lamie and the armed forces of the United States.


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