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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Captain John F. Kauffman Class of 2014

Medal of Honor

United States Army

Silver Star Medal

Captain John F. Kauffman, Infantry, United States Army, Commanding Officer of Company B, 5th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division distinguished himself by courageous action near Sorak-san, Korea on 25 April 1951. His company was in trucks and moving in a convoy as part of an organized regimental retrograde movement. The convoy was suddenly ambushed by a well organized and heavily armed enemy roadblock. Although Captain Kauffman was wounded in the initial encounter, he succeeded in organizing a unit of about company strength from various units in the convoy. He sent one platoon against the left flank of the enemy in an attempt to break up the roadblock. He rallied the other members of his unit and personally led them in an assault. He personally accounted for one automatic weapon position and several enemy troops being destroyed. Inspired by his actions, the members of his unit overran the enemy’s position, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. As the friendly units had suffered heavy casualties in the initial contact with the enemy, this resulted in the opening of an avenue of evacuation for the wounded men. He then assisted in the administering first aid to the wounded men and moved among them instilling confidence in them. Only after all the wounded had been treated did he allow himself to be treated for his own wounds. At this time he noted a group of twelve enemy troops trying to infiltrate through his lines. He unhesitatingly grabbed a box of grenades and intercepted them, killing or wounding all of them with his pistol and hand grenades. Captain Kauffman’s conspicuous display of leadership and courage reflect the highest credit on himself and the United States Infantry. Entered military service from Columbus, Ohio.


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