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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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First Sergeant Steve P. Boros, Jr. Class of 2013

Silver Star Medal

United States Army

Silver Star Medal

First Sergeant Steve P. Boros, Jr., xx xxx xxx, Infantry, Company C, 30th Infantry Regiment, Third Infantry Division, for gallantry in action against an armed enemy force on 5 October 1944, while serving as a Company First Sergeant. As his company approached a small village in France, First Sergeant Boros was assigned to lead a patrol to perform a reconnaissance of the town prior to the entry of the entire company, while he was on the reconnaissance; the main enemy force came up behind the patrol, engaged them, and cut them off from the rest of the company. Immediately First Sergeant Boros returned fire in a very effective manner, causing the enemy force to take cover. When the firing abated, First Sergeant Boros determined that he and a comrade were the only ones left in a position to fight the enemy. Together they placed effective fire upon the enemy and wounded two Germans and killed three more. This was enough to allow the two soldiers to fight their way back to their company. Upon rejoining the company First Sergeant Boros volunteered to lead the company back to the village. Along the way he pointed out the machine gun positions that would impede their progress thus allowing the company to eliminate them. First Sergeant Boros' actions that day were an inspiration to others in his company and were instrumental in the company routing the enemy from the village and the success of the mission. His courageous actions reflect great credit upon himself, the Third Infantry Division and the United States Army.


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