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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Private First Class Roger P. Stultz Class of 2010

United States Army

Silver Star Medal

Private First Class ROGER P. STULTZ, Army Medical Service, United States Army, Medical Detachment Division Headquarters, 45th Infantry Division, is cited for gallantry in action against an armed enemy, near Agok, Korea. On the morning of 28 March 1952 a squad from the 45th Reconnaissance Company, to which Private STULTZ was attached as a medical aid man, went on a reconnaissance patrol into enemy territory. As the patrol progressed far into the Communist lines they were suddenly besieged by mortar, automatic-weapons, and small-arms fire originating from a hidden group of Chinese forces. As the intensity of the fire increased, the radio operator in the patrol was wounded in the wrist by small-arms fire. The radio was damaged to the extent that it was impossible to call for aid. Private STULTZ, observing the plight of the wounded man in his exposed position, left the covered area where he was sheltered and ran through an intense barrage of automatic-weapons and mortar fire to the side of the suffering man. He assisted the radioman back to a covered position and there administered first aid and splints to the manís arm. The enemy fire was now so intense that it became necessary for the squad to withdraw to a safer position. As they withdrew by pairs, Private STULTZ guided the wounded soldier and helped him through the pattern of mortar fire which continued to fall. The squad finally reached a road which they followed toward friendly lines. However, they were subjected to several heavy artillery barrages and, each time, Private STULTZ led the injured soldier to a covered position until at last the squad gained the safety of the allied positions. Private STULTZís gallantry and courageous efforts to save the life of a wounded comrade reflect the highest credit on himself and the military service. Entered the Federal service from Ohio.

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