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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Captain James K. Redding Class of 2010

United States Army

Silver Star Medal

For gallantry in action: Captain (then First Lieutenant) Redding distinguished himself by gallantry in action 22 May 1968 while serving as assistant Battalion Advisor, 1st Airborne Battalion, Airborne Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. On that date contact was established with an enemy force while the battalion was engaged in a sweep operation and Captain Redding immediately disregarded his personal safety as he crawled 40 meters under a hail of enemy fire until he reached the forward area of contact. Realizing that a nearby friendly platoon had lost the initiative and was in danger of becoming disorganized, Captain Redding advised the platoon leader to assault the enemy positions. Captain Redding courageously braved the intensity of the enemy fire as he led the attack and personally destroyed two bunkers with hand grenades. As the friendly unit swept forward, they were savagely attacked by automatic weapons fire from forces concealed in a heavily vegetated area. Captain Redding accurately directed two helicopter gunship attacks on the enemy while his units moved into position. Inspired by his example of bravery in the face of enemy fire, the lead company counterattacked and overran the hostile positions. Throughout the nine hour battle, Captain Redding displayed remarkable courage as he made accurate estimates of the tactical situation and responded with immediate action. Captain Redding’s conspicuous gallantry in action was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflects great credit upon himself and the military service.

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