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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Major Raymond Gordon Sr. Class of 2009

Silver Star Medal

United States Army

Silver Star Medal

For gallantry in action: Major Gordon distinguished himself by gallantry in action on 14 May 1967 while serving as Senior Advisor, 3rd Battalion, 42nd Regiment, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. On that date the enemy launched a coordinated attack against the battalion position with accurate small arms, mortar and rocket fire. Several mortar rounds landed with unerring accuracy on the battalion command element, causing substantial friendly casualties and wounding Major Gordon in the left leg. Although painfully wounded, he refused medical attention so others could be treated. After notifying higher headquarters of the situation, and with full knowledge of the danger involved, he moved about the battlefield while the enemy attack was still in progress, administered aid and gave encouragement to the wounded soldiers in his immediate area. With the increase of friendly casualties from the continued attacks and the decrease of the ammunition supply, an armored cavalry unit was dispatched to link up with and provide assistance to the surrounded unit. Due to the heavy jungle undergrowth near the battalion's position, the armor column was forced to halt about six hundred meters short of its objective. While a small security force remained in position, the seriously wounded and dead were carried to the waiting armor unit. In spite of his own serious wound, Major Gordon refused evacuation so he could assist the small remaining security force in defending the position. His valiant and heroic actions and his composure and military professionalism under hostile fire set an admirable example for his comrades and rallied those around him. Major Gordon's conspicuous gallantry in action was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflects great credit upon himself and the military service.

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