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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Corporal Carlos M. Easterday Class of 2009

Bronze Star

United States Army

Bronze Star Medal with V Device

Corporal Carlos M. Easterday, (then Private First Class), Infantry, United States Army, a member of Company E, 19th Infantry regiment, 24th Infantry Division distinguished himself by heroic action near Kumsong, Korea, on 8 August 1951. His platoon had the mission of taking and securing Objective N, a steep wooded hill held by fanatical enemy forces. Corporal Easterday's squad, the reserve unit in the attack, was then committed. The men in the squad went around the flank of the platoon and made their way toward the top of the objective. They had nearly worked their way to the crest of the hill when they were pinned down by a murderous hail of fire from two enemy automatic weapons positions. Since the only route of withdrawal was across an exposed area, the squad was trapped. Corporal Easterday immediately moved to the front of his comrades and, with complete disregard for his personal safety, advanced through the devastating enemy fire. Approaching the first enemy position, he threw two hand grenades into it, killing the occupant. He then charged the other automatic weapons position and, with grenades and rifle fire, killed the two enemy soldiers in it. His fearless action relieved the pressure off the pinned down platoon and the reserve squad, enabling them to successfully overrun and capture the objective. Corporal Easterday's heroic action, outstanding performance of duty and aggressive initiative contributed immeasurably to the success of his unit's mission and reflect great credit on himself and the United States Infantry. Entered military service from Pleasant City, Ohio.

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