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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Private Howard E. Weaver Class of 2006

					Distinguished Flying Cross

United States Army

Distinguished Service Cross

Howard E. Weaver, (35917780), Private, Infantry, United States Army. For extraordinary heroism in action, on 1 October 1944, near Monghidoro, Italy. Private Weaver served as first scout of an assault platoon in an attack against strongly defended enemy positions on a ridge between the flanking supporting companies. As he led the advance, a heavy concentration of enemy machine gun fire narrowly missed him and hit two squad leaders behind him. The assault platoon, composed of replacements, became disorganized, and the attack was impeded. Private Weaver assumed command of the squad and, after reorganizing his men, led the advance up the hill until fire from an enemy machine gun was encountered. By exposing himself to draw enemy fire, Private Weaver located the emplacement, crawled to a position within thirty-five yards of the weapon and threw a grenade, wounding one German and killing another. After climbing one hundred yards, the squad again was subjected to intense machine gun fire fro a well concealed emplacement. Private Weaver also located this machine gun by exposing himself to its fire. Crawling to within twenty-five yards of the enemy position, he hurled grenades at the emplacement and captured two more Germans. With this second pillbox eliminated, Private Weaver signaled his squad forward and continued the assault up the hill. Observing a position affording cover for his squad, Private Weaver led his men into the shelter of a bank and climbed over the top to reconnoiter a route to the objective. After killing a sniper hiding in a tree, Private Weaver motioned his men toward the objective. Again leaving his squad in covered positions, Private Weaver advanced toward a house in the face of sniper fire. He entered the building alone and captured two more enemy snipers. Private Weaver’s courageous performance, his inspiring leadership and willingness to assume responsibility at a critical time made it possible for his company to take its objective. Entered military service from Ashland, Ohio.

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