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Private First Class Noah R. Rockel
Class of 2003

Navy Commendation Medal

United States Army



Private First Class Noah R. Rockel. For heroism in ground combat against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam on 15 February 1968. Private First Class Rockel distinguished himself by exceptional valor while serving as a rifleman for Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, on a combat patrol eight kilometers northwest of Hue, Republic of Vietnam. Private First Class Rockel's platoon was the lead element in a company size sweep to locate enemy mortar positions when it was caught in a withering hail of fire from an estimated company of well dug in North Vietnamese. The lead elements of the platoon were pinned down by intense fire and as the six hour firefight developed the men began running low on ammunition. Despite the fire, Private First Class Rockel ran out under the enemy guns to pick up ammunition from dead and wounded and redistributed it to those still able to fight. As the numbers of wounded grew, he once again, utterly disregarding his own life, raced into the bullet swept field to aid and evacuate the wounded. Repeatedly he exposed himself to the full fury of the enemy fire in order to bring the wounded out of the field of fire. When his platoon leader was killed Private First Class Rockel removed his shirt to cover the body when nothing else was available. His actions throughout the engagement were performed unhesitatingly and with complete dedication to his fellow soldiers. Private First Class Rockel's exceptional valor was in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.





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