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Fred B. McGee
Class of 2002

Silver Star

Fred B. McGee

Fred B. McGee
Unites States Army



Corporal Fred B. McGee U.S. 52146660, Infantry, United States Army, a member of Company K, 17th Infantry, distinguished himself by gallantry in action near Tang-Wan-Ni, Korea, on 16 June 1952, during an assault on enemy fortified positions on Hill 528. As gunner on a light machine gun in a weapons squad, Corporal McGee delivered a heavy volume of supporting fire from an exposed position, despite intense enemy machine gun and mortar fire directly on his position. Though forced to move his gun several times, he continued to support the assault and give covering fire to the assault elements. When his squad leader was wounded, he assumed command of the squad and moved even farther forward to a more exposed position in order to deliver neutralizing fire on an enemy machine gun sweeping the other assault platoon with deadly flanking fire. When his machine gunner was killed, he again took over the gun and delivered deadly fire on the enemy positions. On the order to withdraw, he voluntarily remained behind to assist in the evacuation of the wounded and dead. Though wounded himself, he heroically exposed himself to intense enemy machine gun and mortar fire to assist his wounded and dead comrades. The gallantry and courageous actions of Corporal Fred B. McGee reflect great credit upon himself and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service. Entered the Federal Service from the State of Ohio.







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