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James D. Moore
Class of 2000

James D. Moore

James D. Moore
United States Army


Captain James Moore distinguished himself by heroism in action on 8 April 1970, while on a routine training inspection of Special Forces Camp Minh Thanh, Operation C-24-A six kilometers north of the Camp made heavy contact with an estimated VC company, and sustained heavy casualties. The ammunition supply of the friendly unit was reported being down to the last magazine for each man. Although a resupply helicopter was ordered, it did not arrive before the enemy launched a vicious counterattack. Immediately, the Command and Control helicopter was loaded with the necessary ammunition and Captain Moore, realizing the inherent danger involved, but also realizing the grave peril that ground troops were in, unhesitatingly volunteered to direct the resupply. Although gunships were to provide cover for the resupply, they were no- where in sight when the resupply helicopter neared the embattled troops. Captain Moore, realizing that the ground situation was critical and that to wait any longer would prove disastrous to the operation, immediately ordered the pilots to attempt the resupply without gunship cover. Because of the dense jungle, the helicopter was unable to land and was required to hover over the awaiting troops and free-drop the ammunition, which increased its vulnerability to ground fire a hundred-fold. Captain Moore repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire by hanging out of the aircraft to see that the heavy ammunition boxes landed in the proper place. The resupply was completed just as the troops ran completely out of M-16 ammunition. Captain Moore's sound judgement, quick thinking and aggressive spirit undoubtedly changed an overwhelming defeat into decisive victory. Captain Moore's courage and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, Special Forces and the United States Army.
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