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Private First Class
James F. Dolan, Jr.
Class of 2000

Silver Star

James F. Dolan

James F. Dolan
United States Army


Private First Class James F. Dolan, Jr. distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry on 4 August 1944, near Coulances, France. The advance element of Company I, 38th Infantry checked their advance until it could be determined that friendly forces were protecting its right flank. Volunteering to act as messenger to contact the forces on their questionable flank, Private Dolan with another enlisted man cautiously advanced into the enemy area. Reaching a crossroad he observed six Germans waiting in firing positions 50 yards away. Expertly employing his carbine, he killed two enemy personnel and drove the remaining four from their positions. Placing his companion to guard this sector, Private Dolan proceeded on alone. Soon he came upon 18 more Germans. Jumping into a ditch at the side of the road, Private Dolan immediately assumed a firing position and emptied his remaining ammunition clips. Then, inching his way back to a point where an earlier scout had been killed, he secured a sub-machine gun and returned to his firing position. Spending 3 magazines, Private Dolan killed three, wounded one and forced the remaining enemy force into a nearby farmhouse. When this ammunition supply was expended, this enlisted man darted across the road, picked up an enemy machine pistol and opening fire started toward the farmhouse. Meanwhile the advance elements of the company had reached the farmhouse and were closing in. Noting this, Private Dolan continued speedily on his mission, made his reconnaissance and returned safely to his company area. As a result of this successful mission, Company I secured the position until friendly flank elements arrived. The gallantry, devotion to duty and complete disregard for personal safety displayed by this enlisted man reflect highest honor upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States.
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